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Friday, July 8, 2011

Aku pergi program yang~~ WOWW!!

as a students, aku bnyk gilak program, including cecuti nih. thats y, one of da reason im still not home cause lots of program.. as usual, bila ada program, univrsiti will roger.. one day, uinvrsti call to join a program located at UPM... kiteorng 6 orng wakil dari uitm pogi ler UPM nk van.. smpai jek upm, tngok xdek orng lg pun.. thats mean, we are the earliest team that arrived at that time.. but, still can be consider cause its can be said as still early.. xkesah laa... but, if im not mistaken, registration tutup pkul 1 pm supposely... but, after we 6 orng done with lunch around 1.30, there is 4 students from UM arrived, and 1 student from IIUM.. urmm... dalam otak, bope orng la yg join program nih... dlm ptg tuh, msuk dewan.. tngok2, we are the only participant.. 6 + 4 + 1 = 11 PARTICIPANT from 150 that should come.. hahaha.. tp, after done with program, i realise that bilangan yg sedikit itu created super duper friendship... hahaa.. enjoy with you guys... gila2.. :)